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Fossickers Delight contains a wide range of opals starting at very low prices.

$5 auctions have been popular with wholesalers or resellers, as most are priced at introductory rates. Most opal miners and cutters charge $5 or more just to cut an opal, so these auctions are good value for first-time buyers.

Fossicking is popular for Australian travellers or locals with a few hours to spare who fossick on old worked opal mine heaps.

Fossicking is simply going through old mining operations and trying to find valuable opal left behind by the miners.

Most have to find Nobbys with no colour and chip rock to see if any opal colour is inside as it is very difficult to spot any opal colour.

After heavy rains fossickers will go to large earth dumps hoping that the rain has cleaned away dirt so easier to spot a valuable rough opal.

Many heaps are regularly worked but still good opal finds are made.

Most popular areas are Lightning Ridge opal fields for black opals, Boulder opal fields of Queensland, fire opal or white opal from south Australian opal fields from Coober Pedy to Andamooka .Koroit and Yowah opal fields are also idea to chip away at worked areas but permission has to be granted by land owner before you can enter private property to fossick

On good opals, cutters charge a cutting fee plus a percentage, so cutting fees can range to the hundreds of dollars for good-quality opals. Cutting mistakes cost thousands in lost revenue, so top opal cutters are worth their fees.

Please read descriptions carefully. Opals are from mixed opal fields. They range from doublets to solid Boulder, Black, Coober Pedy and Crystal opals.

Source your opals direct from opal miners and wholesaler/dealers.

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