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Boulder Opal and Gemstone Necklaces direct from the Queensland mines to you at Opal Auctions. Buy online at wholesale prices. Opal Auctions has all shapes and sizes of Boulder Opal for sale including Koroit Boulder Opal, Yowah Boulder Opal, Winton Boulder Opal and Fairy Opal.

In ancient times romans and Greeks wore opal necklaces and these were mixed with other gemstones and today the modern woman also enjoys to wear natures natural creations of gemstones and opals

Rose quartz also compliments the masculine brown ironstone colours of opal with the feminine pink colours of rose quartz

Pearls also compliment necklace with natural Pearl luster against the polish or opals

Boulder opal has natural brown ironstone so is used with earthly gemstones such h as amber and agates and a s Australian it also mixes and blends in with Chysophrase which is also found in Queensland Australia and now Ethiopian opal is more crystal and looks creative mixed with other gemstone s like citrine

Trendy necklaces now for the modern female are focal boulder with just several gemstones on an adjustable thread so is more suited to casual wear than formal wear for long stand necklace

Our section of boulder beads has many opals with hole drilled thru the side or in front so you can make your own necklace and view our gemstone beads on gemrockations and you can create your own beads and maybe start your own business