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Buy Peruvian Opal Rough online direct from the mines at wholesale prices. Opal Auctions has all types of Rough and this country has always had interest in its green rough a s colour bars are thick and easy to cut and polish and same relates to the pink rough This rough is not dyed it is natural colour , from opaque to translucent,a s mined in the Andes good size chunks are available or slabbed pieces are good value for cutting out matching sets Peruvian opal is also known as Andean Opal from the mountains where the opal is mined and was only recently mined in early 1980 in copper mines and hence the beautiful bluish green colours. Cutter can cut to include the matrix in the more opaque stones as this is brownish colour and can make stone look darker if left on while cutting So when cutting some cutters will cut out these inclusions but other people enjoy to see a s shows how natural the stone is.This final decision on how to cut is always with the stone telling the cutter how to cut. The pink opal derives its color from trace amounts of included organic compounds known as quinones. Some pieces have dendritic inclusions like leaf pattern and this is natural just like how some agates or quartz have these dendritic inclusions And a s the silica is in these stones the cutter should wear all safely gear including mask and lot water


When opal arrives and you are not 100% happy you can return for refund.

But if you alter or cut the rough it is yours and we cannot exchange

However, if you touch any piece, you are excepting ownership and negative feedback cannot be left.

But comments can be made as neutral if the rough opal didn’t cut to your expectations.

Please study carefully before cutting