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Boulder Pipe Opal Rough. This rough is only found in few mines in the Queensland opal fields.

On Opal Hunters TV series, the Col crew finds one boulder pipe opal for weeks work.

So, it is rare rough and only recently few opal mines have this pipe opal rough and the colours are striking and strong and vibrant.

The pipe opal is formed in tubular pattern but when mined these tubes do break so its rare to find long specimen in the rough

The potch is light sandy material that’s sometimes is hard to take good polish, but the opal takes a brilliant polish and the contrast looks attractive.

As the rough opal is tubular it is hard to cut large stone unless you leave some of the potch or matrix intact

This has been excepted by the opal industry as an attractive polished opal and the opal cutter has to decide does he polish with or without the potch.

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