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Buy Black Opal Silver Rings Online at Wholesale Prices for natural opals, not man-made opals.

 Opal Auctions has all shapes and sizes and prices for Opal Rings for sale including Black Opal Rings.

 Black Opal Rings are popular as Opals are one off creations that are unique and unlike any other gemstone.

 It is impossible for someone to have an identical Black Opal Ring.

 Many opals have potch in them and we call these pictures stones. This formed naturally with potch the bedrock that the opal forms in and the opal cutter leaves it on and polishes the stone.

 Most rings are claw set and cabochon opal, but if the design is bezel set it is difficult to re size and you should ask seller if they can re size before bidding.

 Most black opals set in silver rings are sea blues colour as they complement the bright silver in the ring.

 Cluster sets are popular, but it is difficult to get opals matching so these cluster rings are small sizes say3 x 3mm and several do look good in 3 pieces or five-piece design.

 Larger opals 6x4mm are good in 3-piece settings.

Black opals have body tone N1 to n4 and semi black opals have body tone n5to N7 are called dark opals and both look good in silver rings settings.

Simple designs are popular and only few will have cz ,that is man-made diamonds as buyers now prefer natural gems like topaz or aquamarine to be placed in side of the opals so that they are all natural black opal ring

Note, some online sites sell smoked Ethiopian opals as natural black opals, but the colours will fade on these treated opals, Black opals are mined at lightning ridge Australia