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Buy Gold Opal Triplet Rings

These rings offer excellent value as the triplet is less expensive than a solid opal of the same fire and appearance. These opal rings can be claw set or bezel set and both are popular. Some people do think that you can wear these rings when washing as water will damage the opal.

We have seen estate jewelry 50 years old and people visiting our shop and showing old rings that they wear, with triplet opals set in rings in perfect condition and fire that have been worn daily. Most of these do have scratches on top but a jeweller can easily polish for little cost and the ring looks new again.

In the past some manufactures used just one part glue mix whereas today opal triplet manufactures use two-part resin mix with ultra-light to bond glue and opal and setting together so these are very strong and water is not an issue anymore.

Opal triplet is made with man made top and bottom and super this slice opal is sliced a s thin as paper and this greatly enhances the ring fire colours to look like an expensive gem worth thousands of dollars per cart.