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Opal doublets set in gold rings are in demand as the price of a good solid opals has exploded. Doublet opals are only a fraction of the cost and you have an incredible bright opal ring. Most of these rings are all bezel set so the gold protects the edges of the opal and makes the make stable. Diamonds are sometimes added around the edge for greater protection also and they do look stylish.

Opal Doublet Styles

Opal doublets that have a high cabochon are rare and these can be claw set. Most of these doublets are created from knobby rough from Lightning Ridge instead of traditional seam or shell opal from Coober Pedy. Shell opal is good for doublet rings as the shell can have curve so when the ironstone backing is added it gives the effect that the opal is cabochon.

Many new designs are made for several finger sizes without re sizing and the modern designs look trendy.

Most Opal doublets originate from Australia and occasionally we see doublet rings from Mexico and Brazil. These ring do need bit more care then a solid Opal ring but it is generally considered ok now to wash dishes with these rings as glues today are very strong and they even use ultra violet light to harden the glue so water is not a problems it was in the past.

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