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Buy Honduras Opal Pendants Online At Wholesale Prices. Opal Auctions is a great place to buy Jewelry online as manufactures can delivery jewellery direct from the factory to you. pendants are generally made in 925 silver to compliment the dark colour hues for opals from Honduras

Some of these pendants are cut and polished and set in silver jewelry a s come with certificate so you now they are native made in responsible manner.

CERYIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY the Honduran institute for geology and mining INHGEOMIN and the Honduran –German business centre CDN certify that these jewelry products are made 100%honduran solid opals extracted from the mine of Erandique in state of Lempira, set into native sterling silver as part project OPALS DE HONDURAS

The workmanship and quality in this unique Handmade Jewel is excellent after hours of laborious love by the hands of several Hondurans Artists

This is a precious gemstone from Honduras handled through a fair trade program and you can be sure it has the quality and the magnificence that you have been looking for!