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Buy Gold Opal Triplet Pendants

Buy Gold Triplet Opal Pendants Online at Wholesale Prices for natural beautiful fire triplet Opal Pendants, not man-made opals.

Triplet opals are natural opal sliced with man made top and bottom to enhance and protect the opal.

This process makes the fire colors strong and brilliant and are popular design with opal rough price increasing.

These Triplet opal pendants offer wide choice of colours and designs as most triplets are cut either standard oval shape or cut freeform shape.

 Calibrated sizes like 8x6 mm or 12x10mm can be set in gold castings in 18k or 9k gold and this makes the pendant more economical and less expensive than manmade pendants.

Freeform triplets are mostly set in 9k handmade bezel set as the gold is easier to bend around the edges and only few are set with claws.

 Opal rough is now expensive per ounce and the jewelry manufacturer must slice the opal rough in thin bars to make triplets.

 As this is now expensive, the factory has been making more freeform shapes as to not waste the valuable opal. It is ok to wear this opal pendant while showering as the manufacturing process makes the triplet opal seal with strong bond glue, so water is no problem with these pendants.

 Enjoy wearing your triplet gold opal pendant as everyday wear.

Opal Auctions is a wonderful place to buy Gold opal triplet pendants online as manufactures can delivery jewellery direct from the triplet opal factory to you.