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Silver Opal pendants really make fashion statement today as it did in the past Silver has been made into jewelry since ancient times and all civilizations have enjoyed this shiny silver metal that can be easily forged into jewelry design In many ancient mines from ancient Mesopotamia from Greek, roman and Persian Empires to south American civilizations from Incas to Mayan and many more the miners could easily extract the metal from the ground as it was mostly close to the surface and than with heat in brick furnace they could melt this metal and in those days the silver content was very pure ,over 90% so when the Spanish landed in south America they were pleased at how readily available it was and immediately built large smelting plants to melt and cast this metal and ship back to Spain So we have always had and attachment to this metal and today it is also highly prized in jewelry With gold prices increasing silver opal jewelry is now in great demand and stamped hallmark 925 for sterling silver In last few years there has been change in jewelry so that people like designs that they can wear everyday, so now Boulder ,Ethiopian Koroit and Yowah opals are set in pendants with service chain or leather strap,and many just have silver bale on top of the stone or have hole drilled that leather necklace can be worn This casual designs for everyday wear and popular for both sexes. Some designs are gold plated and imitation diamond’s add such a s cz With this metal is easy today to cast ,jewelry factories can make many of the same design at fraction cost of hand made but if shape stone is freeform the design has to be man made which does increase the cost but makes such a unique jewelry design that no one else and people enjoy this individual jewelry to wear

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