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Buy Black Opal Earrings Set In Silver

Black Opal Earrings would have to one of the rarest gemstone earrings that you can own. Black opals are from Lightning Ridge, Australia and it is hard to find matching pairs in naturally formed black opals.

Black opals set in silver earrings are now affordable compared to setting in gold. In the past black opals were only set in gold but today it is excepted in the opal industry for solid natural black opals to be set in silver.

Jewelers now make handmade bezel set silver as sterling silver because it is easy to work with to spread the silver over the opals. Stripes of silver are easily worked to encase the body of the opal and can be set with swing design Sheppard hooks so the flash of the opal is stronger when the opals move.

Today many silver opal earrings sell for $1,000 as you are buying the rarity of the opal. This shows how market trends change and people now enjoy buying or receiving unique gemstones in silver instead of gold. Enjoy your black opal earrings in silver

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