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Boulder Opal Beads and Strands are popular beads as focal beads or as strand boulder opals and offers so many options for necklace designs that only boulder opal can offer. Opal shapes are round, faceted or free form with a hole drilled through the centre to free form shapes with a hole drilled on top so the opals faces direct.

This gives the designer so many options on what style necklace or earrings to create with other gemstones or all opal beads on strand.

Single focal beads can be shark shape or dinosaur bone shape with a hole sideways so ideal for men to wear. Boulder opals are larger size beads than other opals and that’s the main reason why they are so popular.

Other beads are ideal for single earrings or cluster swing drop earrings.

Pre-drilled boulders are mostly focal beads for one off creations and make top selling pendants when on leather adjustable strap.

Younger generation prefer single boulder opal beads and older females enjoy strands beads. Strands are hard to make. First the cutter has to cut the opal square shape, then place on machine to cut round shape, so there is lot wastage. Than the hole must be drilled and this can result in breakages also.

Making beads does have high wastage so its good buyers can appreciate the effort and work that goes in beads and strands. Opal beads with lot colour are always expensive due to this reason

Enjoy creating one off necklace or pendant designs with boulder opals

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