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Boulder Opal And Gemstone Necklace



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Buy Opal bead necklaces direct from miners and jewelry factories These opals mixed with other gemstones can make stunning necklaces. Most opal beads are ironstone, from the opal fields of Yowah or Koroit, and polished as stone or in hexagonal shapes. Round boulder or boulder matrix beads make excellent opal necklaces and some are strands which is beads joined together but no clasp a s they have toi be made into necklace of your choice with claps to be necklace that you can wear Do not add claps to stands as the material is not made for last for everyday wear ,just for display Most opal-bead necklaces are freeform and unique, featuring an opal pendant with interesting patterns and colours. Single focal opal bead necklaces have opal with hole drilled on leather necklace that is popular with younger generation Other necklace are ones made of polished beads of different shapes n sizes that have been tumbled polished drilled and make into necklace. Most of these necklaces are potch from lightning ridge with traces of colour or small piece rough polished from south Australian white opals Gemstones can be added to opal necklace to enhance the setting or be the focal stone To enhance the necklace some beads are threaded onto necklace that compliments the opal colour if brown or green or blue and focal stones have lots opals matching style so it all blend’s in and looks so earthy and natural necklace Make sure the necklace is adjustable as neck sizes to vary so most necklace threads will have this adjustable method to wear stone high or low on the chest

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