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Limited-edition opal presentation sets include Certificate of Authenticity. Includes solid natural black or crystal opals and rough opals. Treasures of Australia editions include Australian silver coins.

Most series have only 100 to 200 sets available; only one set has 500 sets, as these set are specialist opal series.

The Australian opal collection will be open to 500 sets and these are unique as they have bright South Australia Coober Pedy opals to black opals form Lightning Ridge and black crystal opals also from lightning ridge.

Each set is numbered and these are rare opals to find so they are ideal for long term collectors.

Another popular series is the Gold ,Opal n Diamond series for collectors who enjoy rare opals and minerals from this earth.

Silver coins series of Kookaburra 2009 and 2010 also include 5 carats of virgin rough opal.

The opals and gems are set in gemstone capsule container and held in socket int eh display case which has an outer case with logo

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