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Buy Smoked Ethiopian Opal Stones

Smoked Ethiopian Opal Stones direct from the mines of Africa.

Smoked opal is the common terminology for these opals when they are actually more than just smoked but are now considered treated.

In the early 1990’s a new type of Opal surfaced in Mezezo Ethiopia Africa and it is stunning. We offer all shapes and sizes of Smoked Ethiopian Opal Stones for sale from Mezezo and Welo. This opal is Hydrophane and is sunset fire colours but after smoke treatment it looks like black opal. The opal can be polished after smoke treatment and cleaners and solvents do not diminish the colour. Some opals have been known to fade if in sunlight and new process can have resin substance over the opal stone to protect it. All sellers have to mark this opal a s treated smoke black opal and cannot be called black opal but beware many other sites sell this as lightning ridge black opal,Eita Ridge black opal, or Indonesian black kalimaya opal and Batu black opal This process treatment does give the stone top gem like colours and body tone Other gemstones are treated a s long a s seller advises the buyer that the opal has been treated and they can enjoy benefits of magical fire colours in these opals

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