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Yowah nuts are found in the opal fields of Yowah in central Queensland.

As the name suggests the opal is formed naturally like a nut.

This field does produce a large quantity of yowah nut but unfortunately most have no color and are just brown ironstone with no color or pattern.

The opal miner will work splitting these yowah nuts open and must crack many open to find any color. This is the reason why the nut is cut into two pieces as the opal miner cannot see any color and it is rare to see colour in a yowah nut.

Some opal miners say they crack open thousand nuts and if they lucky a few might have color, but to find gem color is very rare and these nuts sell for thousands of dollars and many opal collectors should have one in their collection.

Sometime the opals are sliced as a pair and it is extremely rare to see an yowah nut polish as an egg

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