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Boulder Opal Pairs direct from the Queensland mines to you at Opal Auctions, as our sellers specialize in boulder opal pairs and have all shapes and sizes of Boulder Opal pairs for sale including Koroit Boulder Opal, Yowah Boulder Opal, Winton Boulder Opal, Pipe Opal, Replacement wood opal and Fairy Opal pairs.

Boulder opal pairs are mostly splits cut into two, so the opal does match in fire and density of colours.

A split is made by slicing this saw blade into vein opal that has ironstone potch on both side.

This forces the opal to split open naturally, or with a light hit with hammer and resulting in two pieces from the same rock that match together.

Some Koroit or Yowah opal pairs can look like pipe opal formation. If potch is visible it makes the opal pairs look unique and interesting as most are freeform shapes or large size opal pairs than what you well find on other opal fields.

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