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Buy Black Opal Parcels

Buy Black Opal Parcels Online At Wholesale Prices. Opal Auctions has all shapes and sizes of Black Opal for sale from the famous location of Lightning Ridge. This category represents good value for re sellers or jewellers as parcels are direct from the opal miner.

Most opal miners offer opals in parcel lots direct at the mines but online most opals are sold individually so buyers can see the stone more clearly. Parcel lots do represent good value and some opal parcels are mixed black to semi black grey and crystal opals. Best value are parcel lots that have been cut form same mine as they have greater resemblances to each other. If a mine has blue colour black opal’s the buyer has a chance to make sets of rings pendants or earrings. Black opal is classed as body tone N1 to N5 and in parcel lots the opal body tone can vary.

Black opals from Cochran opal fields are more cabochon than the seam opal mined in Sheepyards opal fields, but both opal fields are producing less opal so in the past we would have hundreds of parcel lots available and now lucky to have 100 lots online at any one time.

With opal mining getting more expensive to mine and demand increasing for commercial opals ,that large quantities of lots will not be available as if prices keep increasing the miner is best to sell the opals individually instead of parcel lots. Opal miners are doing lot prospecting so if large pockets opals are found the opals can be offered a s parcel lots