Gold Coast Opal and Gem Center opens on Gold Coast

Gold Coast Opal and Gem Center opens on Gold Coast

The Gold Coast Opal and Gem Center just opened on the Gold coast Queensland Australia and houses one of the countries best museums.


Opal miners and wholesalers from Opalauctions and Gemrockauctions have opened Museum and Opal Shop at 25 surfers Av mermaid waters Queensland 4218

Sellers include Seda opals, Opal plus ,true blue opal,Mygems,Gem Traders ,Treasure Gems and Himalayan salt factory

GCOGC has huge selection opals all natural as we do not sell man made gemstones or opals

Maybe one of largest range black opals in Queensland including boulder opals and all Australian opals for sale

Opal jewelry range includes silver and gold jewelry

View our yotube video of the seda opals fossil collection


The Museum is free entry .

It hold one of the largest opal fossil display in Australia for opal fossils collected over 25 years.

Opal fossil collection has rare Opal pineapple and huge 100 kilo opalized shell fossil patch which is one of the worlds largest opal shell specimen .Specimens include opal belemite,and nuts and vegetation that have been opalaized

Museum has minerals from all over the world including 1.4 tonne Amethyst geode from Brazil .And Iridescent minerals under black lighting are spectacular.





Next door at 23 Surfers av mermaid waters is Himalayan salt factory with thousands salt lamps and

Himalayan salt cave


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