Opal Festivals-Opal Shows- Fossiking in Australia.

Opal Festivals and Opal Shows in Australia.

Opal shows Australia

If your planning a trip to Down under you might want to visit some opal shows.

March to July are the mild months in the opal fields so it is very pleasant time to visit Australia.

If you plan to visit the South Australian opal fields you can drive from Adelaide up through opal mining towns to visit Ayers Rock.

Many opal dealers visit Gold Coast opal show and include Lightning Ridge and Yowah opal festivals from Mid July to August.

For the first time, in September 2014 a company has organized opal tour of Australian opal fields

This trip is titled Opal Air safari

Plane charted is an metroliner that can comfortably take 19 passengers

The tour will start from Sydney and fly to Broken Hill

Two nights at the home of Black opal Lightning Ridge in new South wales

Two nights at Winton in Queensland.

Two nights in Coober Pedy with famous underground Holmes.

And one night each at White Cliffs, Ayres Rock, Quilpie,Yowah

September is an ideal month to visit before the hot dry summer temperatures

To travel by road would take months to visit these areas as area is thousand smiles apart plus many roads are four wheel drive and not that comfortable to drive in.

Contact owners Graham Ried at



Home of the Black Opal

25 July to 28th July 2013

This year is exciting as Opal jewelry awards on held bi annual so this year promises to bring lot more opal wholesalers to the show.

There is also Opal queen Ball for ladies over 18 to enter.


19th July to 21st July

The whole town supports this opal festival and The Opal jewelry competition.

Opals from Koroit opal fields are present as these opal fields are close to each other.


1st- 2nd August 2013 at QT on gold Coast

Popular tourist spot as Gold Coast is on beach with many fine restaurants.

It is different atmosphere compared to beauty of the Outback as lot parks for family outings on the Gold Coast.


13th July

This is Trade show held in Winton which is in central Queensland.


8th-1th August 2013

This show has all Gemstones of Australia from Opals, sapphires, emeralds, gold nuggets.

This year will be bits 25th year and atrue festival of Gems


30th March 2013

March is Good time to visit the opal fields of Coober Pedy as temperature is mild but in summer it is too hot to visit.

There are also other opal fields close by that you can visit including Mintabie, Andamooka, and drive up from Adelaide to Alice springs and view Australia famous Ayres Rock.


Before you start on Fossicking trip in Queensland, you need to purchase Fossikers permit.

Permits available in Winton and Quilpie from Tourist centre.

As of July 2012 the fossikers fees are only $6.85 for month or $43.25 for 6 months

Preparation is essential also before you start a trip as the Queensland outback can be harsh.

First prepare your vehicle so it is in good condition and check spare tyres and add extra tyre if you have space and extra water carrying tanks are essential even in the mild months.

Personnel items must include, insect repellent,sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, boots, gloves and first aid kit.

Camping gear to be double checked and cooking utensils.

Even in the mild months fires can be a problem so clear area around camp fire just in case winds blow fire onto vegetation.

Fossikers can go on private land but need owners permission.

But you cannot fossick in National Parks or conservation parks

These Boulder opal fields lie within a 300 km-wide belt of deeply weathered Cretaceous sedimentary rocks known as the Winton Formation. This extends north-north-west from Hungerford on the New South Wales border, west of the townships of Cunnamulla, Quilpie, Longreach and Winton, to Kynuna, a distance of about 1000 km.

Declared fossiking areas include:


Ideal to speck for opal fragments or the Yowah nut

*Opal town about 100 km south of Winton

Boulder opal can be specked in opal dumps and old workings in shallow ground

*Duck Creek about 100 km south west of Quilpie.

A camping permit is required if staying overnight.

These old opal mining areas have been worked out but best time to speck is after rains a s the rain will wash dust away and make opal colour visible.

So when it rains even the locals do specking sit doesn’t last long as soon as wind s blow dust it is hard to see opal colours.

Opal tunnelling is not permitted ,that is you cannot dig tunnels as it is also dangerous

saftely first and enjoy the experience of finding your own opal.

Link to Fossiking in Queensland.


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